Thanasis Lomef Zacharopoulos was born in 1975 in the small town in the north of Greece.

In 1990 a New Years Eve was initiated to the secrets of aperture and shutter speed,
and the experimentation with photography started.

Soon, discovered that both his grand father Nestor Lomef and his great uncle Dimitrios Zacharopoulos were taking photographs already in the 30s.
Using that as an alibi started to spend his evenings in the (converted wardrobe) dark room.

1993 Moved to Thessaloniki and started studies in Mathematics  

1994 Participated in his first group exhibition and was baptized ‘Lomef’ as a photographer,
by the members of the photographic group of Aristotle’s University Thessaloniki.

1993-1999 Worked as a freelance photographer in Thessaloniki.

1995-1999  Teacher of Photography in Thessaloniki’s University Photographic Group (FOAPTH)

1997 Photo-journeys started with the Baltic Sea.

1999 Degree in Mathematics. Moved to London.

2001 MSc in Vision, Imaging and Virtual Environments, UCL.

2001 Based in London

2002 Working on the Miro Arriba project, book, and private view.

2004 PhD in Medical Imaging

2007-8 Editing of eleven booklets on travelling,

2008 Presenting ‘11x11’, book, and exhibition in London, Bodhi gallery.

2009 Magnum Workshop in Barcelona with Carl de Keyzer.
and Slideshow presentation in Traffic09 Experiencia Fotográfica, CCCB Barcelona.  

2009 ‘11x11 a music slideshow’, performance with four musicians and a poet. EastGallery London.

2010 Invitation to participate in the Disorientation Project along with 4 other photographers in Samara, Russia,
and exhibition in the ART CENTER in Samara.

2010 '11x11 a music slideshow' presented in Heraklio Crete, 'Bethlehem' open-air cinema with beatboxer

2011 '11x11 a music slideshow' will be part of the FORMAT International Photography Festival 2011 'RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW: exposures from the public realm' 4th March - 3rd April 2011, Derby UK