11x11 photographic travelling journals

a music slideshow




The idea for a performance based slideshow started 11 years ago together with the start of the travelling for the ‘11x11’. The Baltic Sea, Czech Republic, Poland, Sicily, Turkey, Portugal, Iceland, Finland, Spain, Berlin, and the coasts of the North America:  Lomef, journeyed through these diverse countries over the next eleven years, revisiting many of them on multiple occasions. The resulting photographic journals—inspired by the notebooks and the storytelling of the original travellers as well as the adventures of Tintin and Asterix—are a mix of action and descriptive scenes. At the same time, they portray the evolution of the photographer through the years, from Black and White to colour, from paying homage to the styles of Henri Cartier Bresson and Robert Frank, to his more personal storytelling images. The eleven photographic travelling journals were formed in individual booklets and later combined in the ‘11x11’ book.

stills from the 11x11 slideshow in eastgallery, london, Nov 2009

The ‘11x11’ project was initially presented as a book and an exhibition in the Bodhi gallery in London, November 2008, and then Lomef met  composer Aris Lanarides and the first discussions about the music of the slideshow were initiated. Having worked for almost a year and with the creative collaboration of beat boxer Tobias Hug and mezzo soprano Louisa Barry, the current concept for the show was born. The complete performance as it was put up in Eastway gallery in London, starts with an introductory poetry reading currently given from the London-based Siddhartha Bose on a blue screen. While the screen gets darker the actual slide-show starts. There are 11 different musical themes written specifically for the 11 journeys of the project. Composer/Guitarist Aris Lanaridis, the Mezzo-Soprano Louisa Barry and Beatboxer/vocalist Tobias Hug are performing segments of the soundtrack live and adding improvisational elements. For the final set of images (American photos), Tobias provides a thumping beatbox that leads into a short jam sessions, the other musicians joining him. The show lasts approximately 35 minutes with the 27 min slideshow, the poetry performance and the jam session for finale.

Photography, Direction: Thanasis Lomef Zacharopoulos
Music and Arrangement: Aris Lanaridis
Mezzo-Soprano: Louisa Barry
Voice and Beatbox: Tobias Hug.
Lafta: Theo Lais
Sound Engineer: Theo Stournaras
Poetry: Siddhartha Bose

 Travelling plans for the performance are to be announced,

if you are interested in inviting the full or part of the ’11x11’ music slideshow contact us by email to lomefoto(at)gmail.com